Setting The Right Expectations For Your MLM Team

If you want to become a leader in the network marketing industry, then you need to learn how to set the right expectations for your MLM team .

A simple rule of thumb is this…

Don’t ever expect your team members to do more than you do.

While you may find that one or two really motivated people who will do whatever it takes, and probably have greater results than you do… Don’t count on it.

Because that’s the mentality someone has when they are hoping the next person they sponsor into the business is going to become a recruiting rockstar.

This is all a lottery mindset … Praying and hoping that the next person you sign up into the business is going to help you explode the business so you can sit back and relax.

Well… That is unlikely going to happen. +Continue Reading

How Much Do You Trust You?

Do you really trust yourself?

Is that a weird question?

Well, every single day I see people post on their Facebook statuses asking people on stuff like whether their copy is good or whether they have a good looking website.confused-baby

And a ton of other questions that they need somebody’s opinion on.

Now, I’m sure there are a ton of stuff that you need opinions on such as whether you are drafting a good e-mail or a blog post.

But there’s one thing I believe…

And that’s believing in your message and whatever you are creating.

Everybody has their own point of view and everyone sees things differently.

You may ask a ton of people on what they think of your message and you’ll get a ton of different responses.

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Will Lying Get You Success In MLM?

The fact that we all start from ground zero in the network marketing industry means one simple thing.

You don’t need to be successful to become successful.

And that means you don’t need results to have results.

However, success breeds success and that means that the more results that you have to show, the more likely it is that it will becomeĀ easier for you to achieve more results. +Continue Reading

Should You Join The Top MLM Leader In The World?

There has been a huge commotion in the network marketing industry lately.

People are starting to know who is the MLM leader who has the highest income revenue… Other leaders and trainers are talking about him and learning from him.

He has been getting a ton of attention because people are finally noticing him, although he has been in the industry for many years.

BUT we are not here to talk about him today. +Continue Reading

How To Build Relationships In Network Marketing

One of the things that sets most new network marketers back is learning how to build relationships.

When in fact, it is something so simple to do.

After all… Nobody was born to be on their own. We all form relationships with the people that we meet in our daily lives.

While others may proclaim themselves to be “anti-social”, we still cannot do without relationships living on this earth.

So if everyone was supposed to know how to build relationships in network marketing , why is it so difficult?

The answer lies in your intentions.

When we are meeting someone new during our years in elementary school or when we were much younger, we were only concerned about making a new friend.

And when we found out about the whole new world called “Network Marketing”. +Continue Reading