Do You Need A Blog To Be Successful In MLM

Today’s topic is whether you need a blog to become successful in network marketing.

And the answer is no.

Before there was the Internet (or at least when it became popular), network marketing was already present and people were making money with it.

Remember, the Internet is a medium for you to build your business with and not another new “platform” that you have to go and learn to help you build your business.

I believe that this is one of the biggest misconceptions in the industry.

Multi-level marketing is all about developing relationships with people, engaging with them and sharing with them what you have to offer. +Continue Reading

How Far Should You Go As An MLM Sponsor?

Sure. Answers like “help them as much they want to be helped” or “help them for as long as it takes” sound great…

But how far should you go as a sponsor in network marketing?

If you’re always helping people as much as possible and for as long as it takes, there are only 2 outcomes that I can think of.

  1. You are going to get burnt out because you’re spending more time with your team members, instead of achieving the time freedom that is frequently mentioned in this industry.
  2. You are going to stop sponsoring and recruiting people into your business, because you are too focused on customer service.

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What Is The Difference Between MLM Recruiting And Sponsoring?

Is there any difference between MLM recruiting and sponsoring in network marketing?

Long ago… I didn’t think there was any difference until I understood the true meaning of recruiting and sponsoring.

That’s one thing that I know and that is the majority of top recruiters is most companies are rarely the top income earners. Shouldn’t someone who is able to recruit hundreds of people into their organization easily, be the top income earner?


Because a top recruiter does not equate to being a good sponsor. +Continue Reading

Why People Dislike Network Marketing

The reason why people dislike network marketing is us.

You and I… The ones reading this post right now. We are the ones that are responsible for people disliking network marketing.

And in worst case scenarios… People hating the industry.

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How To Effectively Close MLM Prospects

If you want to improve your MLM recruiting efforts, then you will have to learn how to effectively close MLM prospects .

There’s one thing I learnt about this business… and that is you don’t have to learn how to close like a sales professional to be able to become successful in this industry.

Your role is not to learn how to become a closing master, rather, learning how to share the business with people and following-up with them.

When you have done the invitation and follow-up process properly, people will approach you when they are ready to join you in the business.

Remember, this is NOT for everyone so you don’t have to shove it down everyone’s throats. +Continue Reading