3 Types of Home Based Business Marketing Opportunities

If you are looking to learn how to do home based business marketing, this blog is the right place for you. Most people who first get into the home based business industry find it very difficult to market their business for a couple of reasons.

(i) They feel they are not “tech-savvy” enough to learn these marketing tricks

(ii) There are too many methods out there to learn and result in inaction

Home Based Business Marketing – How Serious Are You?

If you really want to make your home based business marketing work, then you must also understand that learning how to market it is essentially the lifeline of your business. Without marketing, your business cannot survive because nobody is even aware of it! However, if you learn how to market and gradually tweak your messages to allow for better conversions, you will succeed in time to come.

Starting a home based business marketing also helps you to create your own life, and the only person who can be at blame if you do not succeed is yourself. Check out a post that I did previously “I got laid off, What do I do” where I talk about my experience getting laid off. I am going to be sharing 3 different home based business marketing opportunities that you can get started off right away today.

Home Based Business Marketing - Affiliate Marketing

Home Based Business Marketing Opportunity #1 – Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to start marketing online is by promoting other peoples’ products. Most of them time, the product creators have already developed their own sales and landing pages for you to use, so all you need to do is to learn how to market and drive traffic to these pages. Once you have a steady flow of traffic going onto these pages, you will be able to generate sales and earn commissions from them.

A downside to promoting the products of others is that many times you will not be allowed to capture the lead information and this is crucial if you want to sustain a profitable home based business marketing online. This is because it is many times easier marketing to people who are already on your list and know who you are, rather than finding new people to market to each and every time.

Home Based Business Marketing Opportunity #2 – Network MarketingHome Based Business Marketing - Network Marketing

The next best alternative is to get involved with a network marketing opportunity. This industry has given out billions of dollars over the past few years and has proven to be one of the greatest business models out there. Just as I mentioned, you get paid for your efforts and most of the time you can leverage the efforts of others and that is when you start building time and money freedom for you and your family.

Of course, the downside to being involved with a network marketing company is the attrition rates that many people face in this industry. Most people are made to believe that network marketing is a get rich quick scheme and quit when they soon realize that it actually takes a lot of EFFORT to succeed in this industry. So unless you are prepared to work hard for 2-3 years consistently, you may want to forget about this option.

Home Based Business Marketing Opportunity #3 – Affiliate Network Marketing

Now the best option in my opinion is a combination of both affiliate marketing and network marketing. You build a list of prospects for your network marketing opportunity online, and you promote affiliate products to them. The truth about network marketing is not everyone will join your business, but if you were able to monetize from these people who did not join you, you would be able to make more much money.

Building a list requires you to build a relationship with them. To get them to like and trust you, by providing value to them. This can be in the form of information that can help them with a problem that they are facing. Be sure to share free content with them most of the time, and do not forget to share affiliate products with them. The reason is simple, if you do not train your list to buy and decide to promote a product, they will NEVER buy.

So if are you really interested in learning more about how to do home based business marketing, you may want to check out My Lead System Pro, a simple step-by-step system that teaches you just this.

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    Great article you got here Darren, I definitely agree with this. We can blame nobody except ourselves. Getting into online home based business requires a lot of effort and consistency. If we don’t have it, then better not to get into business..

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