Facebook, A.D.D. and MLM Lead Generation?

Given that Facebook is one of the most visited sites online today, what can it teach us about MLM lead generation ? As a network marketer learning to generate leads using the internet, it is very important that you pay attention to details on how our marketing may be affected by the different mediums. If you want to find out more mediums you can build your business with, be sure to check out my blog post on 6 Online MLM Lead Generation Strategies.

Facebook And MLM Lead Generation – Adaptation

First on the list on what Facebook can teach us about MLM lead generation is adaptation. Given that Facebook makes frequent changes to their platform, it is very important that you learn how to adapt to these changes. If you are unable to adapt to the constant updates that they make to the platform, you may lose out to other marketers in terms of your MLM lead generation strategies.

For example, let’s assume Facebook rolls out a new feature – such as the recent launch of the timeline feature. You have to be able to put on your marketing hat and ask yourself, how can this new feature help me in my marketing? At the same time, you want to figure out how it will affect your current marketing efforts. Being able to adapt quickly to these changes will help put you ahead of the competition in your MLM Lead Generation strategies.

Facebook And MLM Lead Generation – Development

As Facebook is always making changes to better for their users’ experience, you need to do the same thing when implementing your own MLM lead generation strategies. By constantly developing yourself through purchasing different courses and learning from others out there, you will be able to strengthen your marketing online.

This will not only help you improve your lead generation efforts, but it will also help increase the value that you can offer. Leads will view you as being able to teach them things they wish to learn about and this could be learning how to do SEO, marketing on Facebook, article marketing and all other forms of marketing online. The more you develop your skills and make “changes” to your marketing strategies, the better you will perform.

Facebook And MLM Lead Generation – DiversifyMLM Lead Generation

Ever heard of the saying never put your eggs in one basket? Perhaps one of the most important lessons that Facebook can teach us about MLM Lead Generation is about diversifying our risks. If you were to implement your online marketing efforts only on the Facebook platform, you might be placing yourself in a position of disempowerment. Assume you are generating just 10 leads a day with Facebook – What will happen if your account got banned from Facebook, or maybe they stopped approving your ads on PPC?

Your business would be cease to exist as you have only been placing your efforts on 1 medium. Imagine if you had only done article marketing as a way of generating leads for your business in the past – the Google Panda update would have affected your business severely. The main reason why we want to diversify and market on the different mediums is so that we will not be in a position of lack, or a position of loss.

You are running your own business, so never let anyone take control of it – and that could mean allowing Facebook or Google to control your MLM lead generation efforts online 100%. ALWAYS implement these strategies on a few mediums as this will help give you more control and have the opportunity to generate more leads.

That is the ADD lesson that Facebook can teach us. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, be sure to share it with your friends. If you want to learn more MLM lead generation strategies, you might be interested in taking a look at My Lead System Pro.

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