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If you have yet to read my recent blog posts, I have been emphasizing on the fact that you need to know more than 1 MLM Lead Generation strategy. The reason is simple, should anything ever happen to one of your lead generation strategies, you always have something else to fall back on. You have to be the jack of all trades, and a master of ONE if you really want to master marketing online.

I will be sharing with you an mlm lead generation strategies today that can help you with your business and would definitely like for you to share your results with me if you do test them out. Always test new things out because you never know what kind of results you will be able to achieve with them – and you will never achieve the exact same results as the gurus. If you have yet to read my previous post on mlm lead generation , make sure you check it out here: 6 Online MLM Lead Generation Strategies.MLM Lead Generation - Banner Ad Sizes

So this post will be focusing on a paid online MLM lead generation strategy that are relatively cheap so your cost per lead should be low. However, I will also be sharing several things that you need to take note of so that you understand the fundamentals in applying this strategy.

MLM Lead Generation – Getting Ready Your Ads

I am currently testing banner ads for myself and my advertising campaign and I have noticed several things. Given that the ad creative I am using was given to me, I do not know how good it is. However, if you wish to do banner advertising you have to get someone to design an ad for you. So do bear in mind that there are “initial costs” that you have to incur before getting your ads displayed. One of the best places to find a good designer is on, and once you have found someone reliable, you want to work with them externally from the website so that you will be able to get cheaper prices for your ad creatives.

Now assuming that you have your ad creative ready, you have to find a location to place your ad on. Make sure you find only websites that are highly target to your audience, in this case people who are either actively involved with an MLM company or are seeking one. A simple way to do this is to go on to Google and type in search terms people would typically search for and check out these websites. If these sites have ads on them, you probably could find a link where you can send your ad to. Otherwise, you might have to send a personal email to the website owner asking them if they were willing to place your ad on their site for a price (it’s really called a “bribe” at this point)

MLM Lead Generation - Kittens

MLM Lead Generation – Banner Ad Sales Funnel

Now that you have found the ideal sites to post your ad on, you want to make sure that you have a funnel system set-up to ensure that you catch the information of the people who click on them. You want a landing page which is simple and straight forward. This could just be a page with a headline with a compelling offer, and an opt-in form – NOTHING ELSE. This will entice the visitor to opt-in to your page, where you can then sell them a very low-ticket item, and follow up with higher priced upsells.

One thing to note about using banner ads for MLM lead generation is that the traffic comes in slowly and not many people may click on it. What does this mean for you? It basically means that you want to have a sales funnel that offers high-priced ticket items at the end so that people can purchase those products and you can get a larger commission/profit from it. If you are promoting something that is low-priced without anything else to offer as an upsell, you might not want to consider applying this approach.

In addition, it is always very important to keep track of your metrics and results so that you know what is the CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPS (Cost Per Sale). If you do not know and understand these metrics, you might be paying more money to get leads than you are earning from it and this might not be a good idea. Two tools that can best help you measure your MLM Lead Generation metrics are hypertracker and Google Analytics. So always make sure you utilize them to your advantage and monitor your marketing efforts

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