Achieving MLM Success: An MLM Leader’s Guide To Farming

Are you looking to become an MLM leader in your company? Or even the industry? This post will contain the mindset you will need to adopt, to help you achieve more success in MLM today. You could say that this has been an adaptation of my learnings from the late Jim Rohn and his mentor, Earl Shoaff.

To become an MLM leader, you need to become a farmermlm leader

I bet you are thinking I must be crazy. Well, I am going to explain exactly why I believe that YOU, as a marketer and an aspiring MLM leader, need to become a farmer. Firstly, even before you start planting and farming your seeds, you need to choose your seeds. If you wish to grow tomatoes, you need tomato seeds. If you want to grow apples, then you will have to get apple seeds. Apple seeds will not grow into tomatoes, and vice versa.

What does this mean exactly for you and your MLM business?mlm leader

Simple. You need to have specific and detailed goals that you wish to achieve in this industry if you want to succeed. Let’s just say you want a new BMW car at the end of the year and you set that intention. However, that is not enough as the universe may respond and give you a second hand car or even a rundown BMW because that is all you wished for. Now, to be more specific you need to lay out EXACTLY what model and car you want. The more specific you are with the details of your goals, the closer you are to achieving exactly what you want.

In addition, as a new MLM leader, you would need to know the kind of prospect (seed) that you want on your team in your business. This will aid you in your marketing efforts, as you will be able to put yourself in the shoes of your prospect and attract them in the best possible way. Begin to ask yourself the question, “Who is my ideal prospect?” and this will definitely help you in becoming a better MLM leader.

As an MLM leader, you need to understand the power of leverage.

mlm success

What exactly is leverage? It is the process of doing more with less effort. When farmers plant or harvest their crops, they use tools to help them with their work. Just as in your network marketing business, becoming an MLM leader means having to learn to leverage in several different ways.

If you are new to this industry, then you will need to leverage off your sponsor’s succeed to attract your prospects to join you in your business. While you may not have any results to show to your first couple of prospects, your sponsor’s results will attract and entice them to join you.

If you want to market online, then you will also have to understand how to use tools to help you leverage your marketing efforts. For example, you can always use an article submission software to help you create a massive amount of backlinks to your website. Other examples include outsourcing your blog writing to a ghostwriter so that you may be able to focus on the activities that help you drive more money to your business.

Farmers do not just plant and grow 1 seed each season.

Just as a farmer does not only plant a single seed, you have to be able to plant many seeds if you want to become a top MLM leader. Planting loads of seeds means prospecting and approaching several people each and every day. There is no guarantee that a single crop will grow and be able to harvested and this means that there is also no guarantee that the first person you talk to will join you, or the first person you sign up into your business will become the superstar that will help you become the MLM leader you want to be.

So start talking to several people today, genuinely find out more about them and see if they are a fit in your team, and whether they are ready to be involved in this industry or your company.

Stop pulling out your crops before they grow!

A farmer does not go to his crops every single day, dig through the soil, look at the seeds and see if they have begun to bud. Same goes for your business, do not pitch people consistently with your business opportunity. If some one is not interested in what you have to offer, move on to the next person. However, you should always follow-up with your prospects to see if they are interested in your opportunity. If you are persistently begging people to join you in your business, you will NEVER be viewed as an MLM leader, and no one would ever want to be led by you.

Same goes for your goals that you set for yourself. Set your intention, and let the universe work its magic. Looking at your goals every single day is not going to get you any where. Instead, be like a farmer who watches his crops once in a while, to ensure that they are growing healthy – watch your goals after certain periods to be sure that you are moving towards the right direction. Choosing to become an MLM leader is not something that you will achieve overnight, but over a period of time.

Harvest Time!

This should be the favorite of every aspiring MLM leader in this industry. Harvest time means celebrating your success, which I have mentioned in several posts. Not to forget, harvesting means getting your earnings from all the hard work you have put in!

mlm harvest time

So it’s time to start getting to work to become the MLM leader you want to be.

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