How To Start Network Marketing?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions any new networker would ask themselves when they first get involved in this industry is how to start network marketing. I myself struggled with this question for a long time which was also why I decided to come online to search for answers. Eventually, I found out there are really 2 fundamental ways in which how anyone can start in this industry and there isn’t a right way. There is only a way which resonates with you more, and which one you are more comfortable with.

If my post on how to start network marketing does provide you with some valuable insight, be sure to share this information with people whom you think would appreciate and need it. Firstly, you must understand the there are 2 skills that you must master in this industry, networking and marketing – Sounds a little obvious right? I am going to assume that most people would already know how to “network” ¬†as it is really about opening up to people and creating relationships with them. The tougher part of the equation is learning how to market and that’s what we will be focusing on today. Be sure to also read my post on the 3 types of leads for network marketing before carrying on. So let’s begin the 2 ways on how to start network marketing…

How To Start Network Marketing Old School

How To Start Network Marketing? – Old School

Now, be assured there are no negative connotations over here, but it basically means that these techniques have been around for ages and are still being applied today. The top network marketers, the multi-million dollar earners, that you see today are most likely where they are because of these “old school” techniques. So if you want to learn how to start network marketing, these might be the guys you want to learn from.

So what techniques can be applied here? This was how I got started in this industry and you might be comfortable understanding how to do them. You can approach your friends and family members to provide them with INFORMATION to see if they are interested in (1) joining you in your primary business or (2) to purchase the products that you are promoting. Be careful at this point because many networkers fall into the trap of becoming too desperate and end up begging people to buy or join them. Remember that what your job is to simply provide people with the information so that they can make the right decision for themselves.

Other techniques that you can apply include placing ads on the classified section of the newspapers to see if people are looking for any opportunities, going for networking events and meeting like-minded people to see if they are open to new opportunities and of course, meeting new people and finding out more about what they want in life.

How To Start Network Marketing? – New School

Now, the next school of thought is the “new school”, which is really online marketing. Online marketing probably has more barriers to overcome as compared to the old school. How much effort does it take to go for events, post an ad on a newspaper or even distribute banners to people? However with Internet marketing , most people quit long before they even start because they are overwhelmed by the information they can find online and this results in a symptom known as “information paralysis”. This also means that you have to spend more time learning these skills before applying them and a steeper learning curve.How To Start Network Marketing - New School

Therefore, if you want to learn how to start network marketing by being online, be sure to reconsider. There are definitely a few technical barriers to overcome and if you consider yourself to be non-tech savvy, this may not be the best method for you. In addition, you will most likely end up having to purchase a few courses to understand how to market online in addition to your investment you just made joining your company.

Of course, this is not to mention that learning how to start network marketing online does not have its benefits. In fact, these benefits are many and perhaps outweigh that of the old school methods. These include being able to reach a global audience, and having an automated system work for you 24 hours a day, every single day and night. Once you master these techniques of online marketing, it will be much easier just like any other sport.

Now there are many new schools ways on how to start network marketing such as search engine optimization, paid media traffic, Facebook marketing and article marketing. A very important tip is to choose 1 method, be a master at it but to understand the rest of the methods so that you will not be handicapped should anything happen.

If you found this post on how to start network marketing useful, remember to share it and leave me your comments.

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  1. Haha love that pic Darren it is so awesome!! You are definitely right Online is not for everyone but either is Network Marketing and many other things lol. There is a huge learning curve and I believe those that want it bad enough will choose to take the road less traveled. Great post buddy!! I voted 5 stars for your blog! You definitely deserve it :)
    April Marie Tucker recently posted..How to Create Strong Calls to Action (FREE EBOOK)My Profile

    • Hey April!!!

      Received the comment April! Thanks for leaving me your vote too.. I’ll have to figure a way to navigate around the mlmbeat site! haha…
      Glad you loved the old man.. lol! Take care and I’ll be hearing from you realllll soon!


  2. Brandi says:

    Darren, where was this article a few months ago? I like the way you make the distinctions between networking and marketing. I will definitely be sharing this article.
    Brandi recently posted..7 Fun Hostess GamesMy Profile

  3. Awesome article Darren. I will def share this because I was just talking to someone about this and you could make that difference in his life. This article clearly states that it is a road traveled. Thanks,
    Donna Merrill recently posted..Squeeze Page Magic: Guest David MerrillMy Profile

    • Hey Donna!

      Thanks for checking out my article and leaving me your feedback. It is definitely great that you will be able to share this with someone who wants to make it in this industry. :)


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