The MLM Autoship Fallacy – Should You Get In?

There are always 2 sides to a coin, and the subject of MLM autoship is no different. Is having an autoship subscription to your company a good thing or a bad thing? This post will help put into perspective my thoughts, and what MLM autoship can do for your business.

What Exactly Is MLM Autoship?

This concept can be explained very simply. Autoship is a subscription, where you pay your MLM company every month so that you get access to their products and maintain your account.MLM Autoship subscriber

Looking at it from another perspective, it just means that you are purchasing the company’s products every single month so that you can use them.

It is just like being an active customer of a mobile company. You pay them every month so that you can maintain your mobile number, make calls to your loved ones, and send texts to your friends and family.

Should I Get On MLM Autoship?

Different MLM companies offer different payout schemes, and there are mainly 2 types related to autoship.

Firstly, the company requires that you have a minimum monthly subscription to maintain your account.

Secondly, the company only requires that you pay a one-time activation fee. You earn your money through high-ticket items, or items that are priced much higher than the average consumable product.

These high-ticket products are usually one time purchases, and customers rarely buy or make a purchase ever again. An example would be that of mattresses. A customer may buy it once, and most likely not buy it again until many years later.MLM Autoship Mattress

So if you look at it, you earn higher commissions from the second type of companies, while the first type of companies usually require you to build a larger organization before you start seeing the large figures rolling into your bank account.

So, should I get on MLM autoship?

Let’s look at it from the 2 different perspectives.

The first being NO. You should not get on autoship.

Why? You would have to “spend” money every single month, purchasing the company’s products and maintaining your account. In addition, if you do not build an organization fast enough, you are most likely going to be losing more money each month, rather than earning an income.

This is not why you joined an MLM business opportunity for, to lose money.

Now, in my opinion, that is coming from a place of scarcity rather than having a mindset of abundance. You are only thinking about yourself, and you are not looking at the big picture.mlm autoship coin

Of course, you may have your own opinions about why one should NOT get onto an MLM autoship program.

The other side of the coin, YES. You should definitely get on to a monthly subscription.


Let’s look at the bigger picture here. I mean the real big picture.

If you are running on a subscription every month, and so are all your team members. This assures you that you will have income coming in on a consistent basis.

In the long run, you will also be earning PASSIVE income because you can be sure that as long as your team is subscribed, you will always have commissions made based on sales you are generating without ever lifting a finger.MLM autoship finger

In addition, by having the MLM products shipped to your doorstep every single month, you are “forced” to use them. Otherwise, they expire and you would have wasted them.

This is the reason I mentioned why you should love your MLM products in a post I did previously.

You can read more about it over HERE.

You will never feel as though you are being forced into using something you did not wish to use, if you loved the products.

Remember that you want to be an entrepreneur and you have to think business. Your mobile company would not be making any money if they sold you on a one-time fee. Instead, a lot of companies are thriving today because of the concept of recurring payments.

Your mobile company, cable networks, utilities and transportation.

Heck! Even your government charges you a “subscription fee” for earning an income.

That’s why you pay taxes for!

The only way you could get out is stop earning an income, and start begging on the streets.MLm autoship begging

MLM Autoship Is For Entrepreneurs

Stop looking at MLM autoship as spending your money. Rather, take it as an investment.

An investment into making more money, building your own organization and in yourself.

Come from a place of abundance. Knowing that you will make it in this industry.

Remember that you are operating as a business owner now, and not only as a consumer. If you want to earn big money, then you have to start thinking BIG!

In fact, I believe that a company that requires you to get onto autoship is one of the crucial elements you should look out for when joining an MLM business opportunity.

Joining a company which sells high ticket items at one-time fees makes it harder for your team to grow, and for everyone to make more money.

You want what is best for your team.

What are your thoughts on MLM autoship? Should one get into a company which offers it, or not? Leave me your comments as I would love to hear them.


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  1. Nate Leung says:

    Since MLM is a “real” business, it has to be treated like a “real” business. Ok, so I’ve cleared the air there.

    Now on the subject of autoship. Since MLM is a real business it needs products to sustain itself. Let’s look at McDonalds for instance. Let’s say McDonald’s decided to cut off it’s autoship of frozen hamburgers, buns, fries, and everything else they sell on the menu. Let’s just say that the McDonald’s management team (you know the people on top of the pyramid) makes a decision not to maintain their autoship? Can you imagine would could happen if McDonald’s decided to do that?

    That is why if someone is going to do a business like MLM, some form of products needs to be replenished like a real business. This is what separates the pros from the amateurs.

    I like what you said about coming from a place of abundance knowing that you will make it in the industry. More people need to come from a place and have faith, it doesn’t hurt to take some risks every now and then. Really what is the worst that can happen?

    As always, you provide awesome content. Thanks Darren!
    Nate Leung recently posted..Personal Development Tips: How To Step Into Your GreatnessMy Profile

  2. The autoship issue is much bigger that you are portraying here, I believe. The IRS demands that you show intent to make a profit. If you’re not on enforced autoship. Meaning you don’t get paid if you’re not on autoship then you are not showing intent to make a profit that is usual and reasonable. Second autoship is the dowfall of the industry over the last 20 years. Your upline tells you, “Oh you just have to do 200 a month” and everyone is doing the minimum and most MLM are like the USA SELF CONSUMPTION companies. No one is teaching retail, and it must be taught at least 3 deep. Bad business because eventually the companies go bell shaped – which is why there has NOT been another billion dollar company since NuSkin. We’ve all heard it a million times Nate, “treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business……” just another mantra that gets nothing done. What reps need are good skills and training. The abhorrent lack of company training in our is sickening. It opens the door for all the bottom feeders selling leads and crap systems. It’s a sad state of affairs and a much bigger issue that you have written about here.
    The Fabulous Davene recently posted..Why the MLM Gurus and Icons Hate The World’s Laziest NetworkerMy Profile

  3. Luis Leal says:

    I’m glad I ran into this blog. Fo 3 hours I been devil’s advocate with my wife to explain to me why anybody should do autoship. We do MLM and I know autoship has a valid reason, but never understood the perspective in comparison to other companies out there. For me, I’m obviously new to owning a business and autoship doesn’t make sense to me. Finally, I believe this is probably one the best blogs on this subject. Then I was trying to figure out why pay autoship when you can just work and not pay a company to pay you. But that’s what you call the small man working for the big boss and hoping the economy is good enough to keep financially secure which hasn’t successfully happen to me. But then I figured something out based on your blog. It’s basically like running a franchise. McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut are all franchises which a person or group purchased to run a business. I believe Subway has to pay every month to run the business, use their branding and actually get paid to run it. Am I correct? Is that what autoship is basically about? You are paying to be member each month, using their tools and products to sell or share the products/services to folks. When consumers believe in it and want to pursue an entrepreneurship, you have to do autoship to actually grow and run the business. Am I getting it? Still learning! I’m also following you Darren on Facebook! You are a great man! Love your business mind!
    Luis Leal recently posted..The Monuments Men Flyer AdMy Profile

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