Affiliate Network Marketing – What Is It?

There Is No Such Thing As Affiliate Network Marketing.

I was searching online and I came across the term “Affiliate Network Marketing” and I was wondering what it was, or whether there was even such a term in this industry. I began to realize that most new marketers get confused between affiliate marketing and network marketing. Therefore, I will do my best to clear this misconception of affiliate network marketing in my blog post today.

affiliate network marketingAffiliate Network Marketing – What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It would definitely be easier for me to explain affiliate marketing first before proceeding on to what is network marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply put a system where you help others sell their products and you earn a commission based on generating a sale. Remember, there are always 3 people involved in the affiliate marketing process – The merchant (the one who created the product), the seller and the buyer.

There are cases where you do get a smaller percentage of the commission when someone you sell a product too, sells that product too. In that case, it would mean that commissions go 2 levels down.

Affiliate Network Marketing – What Is Network Marketing?

Here comes the confusing part (well I hope not) and I will do my best to explain it. Network marketing is similar to affiliate marketing that you get paid to generate sales and when someone you bring in to your team makes sales too. However, this goes many levels down instead of just 2 and that everyone uses their network of influence to achieve those sales. That is why this business often uses a term known as “leverage” as you are still being paid several levels down. There are many people involved in this system as it operates more as a community.

Network marketing is all about sales and training if you truly understand it and you get paid big time if you are able to train someone else to train someone else to train someone else to train that person. This was one of the first things I learnt in this industry, and it does sound confusing so read the last sentence a few times and you should be able to get it.

Bringing Affiliate Marketing & Network Marketing Together

Although affiliate marketing and network marketing are 2 separate different things, you can bring them together. (But I’m not sure if you would call that affiliate network marketing though!) If you are marketing your business online and generating leads, you would understand that not everyone will join your business opportunity. This is also where you need to understand that you want to be able to build a sales funnel, so that you will be able to monetize from these leads EVEN if they do not join your business.

What do I mean by a sales funnel? All you have to do is build a funnel where leads will come through and you will give VALUE to them by sharing information on how to improve their marketing skills online, or even how to generate leads. There is tons of information out there online, but our sphere of influence is different. This means that reading and understanding this information and sharing it would help you get more leads for your business too.

In adding value and sharing information with your leads, you can insert links or recommendations to products that can help them with their business, such as purchasing a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring, or even a tool that can help them to better market their business.

Such a system is definitely not easy to build and it does take time. However, if you do apply this strategy, you will be earning much more money from your leads and not only people who join your team and business. I did write a post once about Why You Should Use My Lead System Pro because it is the fact that you can attach this ready built system into your primary business to help you generate more leads.

Understand “Affiliate Network Marketing”?

If you understand the concept of applying affiliate marketing strategies to improve your business online ┬áby generating more sales and leads online, I would definitely encourage you to start creating or getting a system to help you with it. With that, I wish you all the best in your “affiliate network marketing” success and hope that you achieve great results.

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  1. I bumped into your article and I have gained more insight especially having a funnel to filter your leads is crucial in affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chrystal says:

    That was insightful. I actually thought they were all the same!

    • Hey Chrystal,

      It is a very common misconception especially when people first come onto this industry and start learning more about it. It gets difficult to explain to people especially when they don’t understand it, so having a clear understand is good :)

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