MLSP Live The Dream 2011 Bonus

If you are looking for MLSP Live The Dream 2011 Bonuses, make sure you check out my review first.

MEGA MLSP Live The Dream 2011 Bonus

If you know who Mark Hoverson is, you definitely want to be looking forward to the MLSP Live The Dream 2011 bonus because it is bar none, the best bonus you are going to find this year. If you are not sure or have not heard who Mark Hoverson is… He is an 8-figure networker who has been titled “Best Direct Marketer”. Mark Hoverson also recently did a product launch with the Magnetic Sponsoring team for the Irresistible Info-Marketing Blueprint.

So what is the bonus? Well… Simple! Anyone who purchases the MLSP Live The Dream 2011 Event tickets through my link will get a free ticket to a mastermind session with Mark Hoverson and his team the day before Live The Dream! The Mastermind Session will be on Friday 20th October from 9am to 4pm, which will then lead to the MLSP event on Saturday… what better way to go for an event!  These tickets are worth a value of $1,295 but here is the deal – Only 100 tickets are available for the venue and they also go out to sale for Mark Hoverson’s team members… Which means there are much lesser tickets to be given out to the public audience.

How To Claim Your MLSP Live The Dream 2011 Bonus

Now you have to read through this instructions if you want to claim this bonus or you are going to miss out on it.

#1 – Once you purchase the tickets, shoot an email to Theresa at and myself at with your receipt and you will get one ticket to our team-focused mastermind event for zero cost.

#2 – If you know 100% already that you will be attending the MLSP Live the Dream 2011 event, go ahead and email
Theresa now at so she can put you on a preferred list today.

#3 – Find out the full details on the MLSP Live The Dream Event over here.

Additional MLSP Live The Dream 2011 Bonus

If hanging out with Mark Hoverson and masterminding with him wasn’t enough, I am also going to be throwing in an additional bonus to entice you to attend the MLPS Live The Dream 2011 event. For all those who purchase through my link, you will also be invited to a private dinner with my partners & I. You will be hanging out with the top affiliates in this industry and having an intimate session with us – This means you will be able to get time with us and get your most desired questions answered. You will also be able to meet the rest of the gang who purchases the tickets through our link and potentially find your future JV or business partners.

So if you are interested in hanging out with Mark Hoverson, my partners and I at the MLSP Live The Dream 2011, make sure you get the tickets from us over here!


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