Why You Should Use My Lead System Pro.

I am sure many people have been seeing My Lead System Pro all over the internet marketing space and must have be wondering it is all about!

A Traditional Business Model

My Lead System Pro FunnelFirstly, I would like to cover a traditional business model and how it is run before talking more about My Lead System Pro . In a traditional business, they all have and provide a sales funnel. A sales funnel is very crucial for most businesses as this is where they truly are able to monetize and get the most profit out of their customers. If you were to provide just 1 product, you would not be making as much if you had 2 products and you were able to sell these 2 products as a “package”.

Therefore, a business sales funnel is very important. It also allows you to upsell or downsell your customers or prospects. For example, when you go to MacDonalds and you just wanted to buy a burger – The personnel are trained to upsell you into ordering a packet of fries and a coke to go with it. If you do purchase it, they do an upsell one more time by asking if you would like an upsize! These are all sales funnel techniques and if you did not have them in your network marketing business, you probably are not fully monetizing on your prospects and My Lead System Pro helps you out with that.

So what is My Lead System Pro ?What Is My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro helps build a sales funnel for your network marketing business – as we are often told that when we join a business opportunity, we have our own business. This is far from the truth until we learn to treat and run it like a business.

So how does My Lead System Pro allow you to build a sales funnel for your business? It does so by firstly allowing prospects to sign up for your mailing list by giving them something of value for FREE such as a webinar recording on “How To Get Famous On Facebook in 60 Days”. This is when you truly establish a relationship with your prospect so that they can trust you and want to work with you. Do remember, there are 3 steps in building a business relationship with anybody. They first have to know you, begin to like you, and then trust you – Only when they trust you, will they hand over their money to you.

Creating A Relationship With My Lead System Pro…

Create Relationship With My Lead System ProWith that said, My Lead System Pro allows you to create that initial relationship with that prospect of yours and push it further by allowing you to use their template messages for your autoresponder. This means that you will be sending an email to your prospects regularly for a period of time and teaching them how to build their business online, it is also when they begin to like you and respect you for your knowledge.

Lastly, My Lead System Pro allows you to fully monetize your prospects. The fact is not everyone will join your business, but you can still get some money from them. My Lead System Pro does this by providing a range of affiliate products that will be promoted to your prospects through the autoresponder messages. This means as you create more value for your prospects and they begin to TRUST you, they will buy from you.

Ultimately, as they purchase more products that you recommend through the system and see that they are of value, more trust will be built between you and them! The great thing about this is, once they trust you enough, there is a high likelihood that they will join your primary opportunity. Even if they are in another company right now, the company may close down in future or they may not work well with their upline and join you in their business. This is how My Lead System Pro serves as a relationship creating tool and also a business sales funnel.

My Lead System Pro allows you to plug-in to a ready made for you system and focus on the more essential parts of your business – marketing it. Therefore, if you already currently using My Lead System Pro, I am sure you have found the benefits in it. If you are not and are still unsure about it – They have a 2-week trial which is low-risk at a cost of $10.

If you do have any questions about My Lead System Pro, do feel free to contact me and I will share with you more about it. Otherwise, I wish you all the best in your network marketing success .


Darren Spruyt

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