6 Effective Ways On How To Market On Facebook

Having over 750 million active users and 50% of them logging in at any given day, it is essential for you to know how to market on Facebook. This post will give you some insights and tools that Facebook has for you to leverage and market your network marketing business online.

How To Market On Facebook – Facebook PPCHow To Market On Facebook

The most straightforward and simplest way on how to market on Facebook is to use Facebook’s PPC platform. With the advertising platform still in its early beginnings, cost per clicks are low and targeting your audience by their likes and interests have never been made much easier. If you are interested, you can also check out my post on How To Do PPC On Facebook.

How To Market On Facebook – Pages

Created pages are also a great way to help you market your network marketing business on Facebook. You can choose to become your page and comment on other pages so that people will be curious to know about you and visit your page. If they like what you are sharing on your own page, they may want to find out more about your business and work with you.

You would want to know how to create new tabs on your Fanpages so that you will be able to create autoresponders for your MLM Lead Generation and set them as the default landing tab when a new visitor lands on your page. This allows you to capture their information and create a relationship with them.

How To Market On Facebook – Articles

You can also create articles on Facebook by using the “notes” application. Create valuable and unique content and share it with people you know by tagging them in it. This will allow you to create attention amongst their friends as they are able to see that you have tagged them. Its helps create curiosity and gets people clicking and reading your article. Writing notes on Facebook is similar to How To Write A Blog Post.

How To Market On Facebook – Videos

Videos are very popular and people love to watch them. They show that you are human and can sense your sincerity from these videos. There are many ways to create videos such as sharing your screen and doing a “how-to” video, shooting a video of yourself or you can even shoot a video of yourself interviewing a network marketing superstar. Make sure to check out my post on 4 Types Of Videos For Video Marketing On The Web.

How To Market On Facebook – Groups

By creating groups and inviting people into them, you will be able to establish yourself as a leader in their eyes. Be cautious however, that you do get their permission before adding them into groups or you will only be seen as a spammer. An alternative approach is by posting status updates asking people if they would be interested in joining your group.

A great way in utilizing groups to by having a support group such as a mastermind group where people who join your business will have access to. This highly attracts people to be more curious and find out more on what you are doing. You can also create challenges and invite people to participate in them, such as a blogging challenge. Check out my post on the What The 90-Day Blogging Challenge Means To Me to find out about such a challenge.

How To Market On Facebook – Creating New Relationships

One last and simple way on how to market on Facebook is to create new relationships with people of similar likes and interests. This can be done by utilizing the search bar on Facebook or searching for others in network marketing pages or groups. Create relationships by finding out more about what people do and what inspired them to get into the network marketing.

If you have created that connection with them and find that you would like to work with them, and you have what they are looking for – offer them the opportunity to work with you. However, be sure to avoid the The Biggest Mistake Network Marketers Make Online or you will not be able to grow your business.

Should you be serious about building your network marketing business online with Facebook. Make sure you check out My Lead System Pro to learn more methods on How To Market On Facebook.

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