How To Do Keyword Search For SEO

The most important and fundamental skill that you can pick up being in this industry is learning how to do keyword search for SEO. When I first started out online, I did not want to go through the hassle of doing any keyword search for SEO as it was a tedious process and took up a lot of my time. I also did not know what keywords to be targeting that would help me in my searching engine rankings.

One belief that I also had when I was starting out was that all I had to do was provide value and people will share my content and it will spread virally. I was wrong. NOBODY came no matter how much value I was giving, even if there was someone – It would only be people who already knew me. Today’s post is all about learning how to do keyword search for SEO. If you are serious about blogging, spend some time to do your keyword research so that your content will get noticed by people out there and they will share it.

How To Do Keyword Search For SEO With Google

The most common way of doing keyword research is using Google’s own keyword research tool. The first step you can take is by inserting words that are very general such as “network marketing” and looking for a word that you resonate with. You may also want to consider looking for keywords such as “How to do keyword search”. People are always searching for information and “How-to” posts are always the best.How To Do Keyword Search For SEO

Tips on How To Do Keyword Search For SEO With Google

Now once you have generated a list of keywords, you want to look through them and start filtering out quality keywords. In learning how to do keyword search for SEO, there are a couple of things you need to take note of when choosing your keywords.

(1) Go after long-tailed keywords. These are basically keywords or key phrases that have more words in them, they generally tend to have lesser competition. Going after long-tailed keywords also has it advantages, as it also covers short-tailed keywords. For example, maybe you are interested in “How To Get MLM Leads“. If you got ranked for that, it would also mean that you would be indexed for the keyword “MLM Leads” and that could help you in the long run.

(2) Do not go after words that nobody is searching for. I have noticed some people “showing off” that they got themselves onto the first page of Google and when I did a keyword research on that word, I realized nobody was searching for that word! Would you rather set up a shop front in a busy street or some place where nobody ever goes to? Same thing, make sure you go after words that people are searching for.

(3) Do not go after words that are highly competitive. Keywords that tend to have lots of websites being indexed for it means tough competition, and it also means that you may takes years or never even get ranked on the first page of Google. These guys have been around for many years and you want to reconsider. You can check the competitiveness of a keyword on Google by typing in “keyword”. If there are over 100,000 sites being ranked for it, you may want to consider going for something smaller especially if you are just starting out.

Choose to be the big fish in a small pond, and not a small fish in the big pond. That way you will be able to gain success with more traffic much faster.

How To Do Keyword Search For SEO With Market SamuraiHow To Do Keyword Search For SEO

An alternative method on how to do keyword search for SEO is using a tool called Market Samurai, which you can check out over HERE! By signing up on the page, you will be entitled to a free trial of the software, but here’s the best part. If you sign up for the free trial, you will receive an email from Noble Samurai right away that will give you a secret link giving you a $50 discount on the product! So you can test it out and getting it for a discount before deciding to purchase it!

The best part about learning how to do keyword search for SEO with Market Samurai is the way it is set up for beginners. Check out the videos on the site and you will understand. To put it simply, the more green that you see when you are doing your keyword search for SEO, the better it is to go after those keywords.

These are the best ways on how to do keyword search for SEO online today, if you enjoyed this post be sure to share them with someone you know who needs this information too.

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  1. Chrystal says:

    This is great post even for beginners. Many people think of keyword research as a scary task and are often lost, as to what to look out for. You have made it easy to follow and simple to understand!
    Chrystal recently posted..What is a Mompreneur?My Profile

  2. Heather says:

    Really valuable! Thank you!
    Heather recently posted..Playing the Leading RoleMy Profile

  3. Allen Cerezo says:

    How do I know if the keyword has potential? I mean how many traffic It should get before knowing that it is the right keyword? 5,000 views a month? 10,000 views a month?
    Allen Cerezo recently posted..A dozen hospitals in California finedMy Profile

    • Hey Allen,

      It generally depends on which industry you are in but there is a bunch of other research you need to do such as finding out if the guys on the first page have tons of backlinks and whether they have got all their on page SEO covered. But I generally would recommend going after words that have less than 10k views per month. That would help you get ranked much faster. :) Hope that answers your question.

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