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SEO Networker 3.0 Review… The guys at SEO Networker have done it again. Yes! This time, they are going to be introducing their latest product, the SEO Networker 3.0. In fact, they skipped 2.0 because this version is going to be so much more powerful than the previous version.

SEO Networker 3.0

SEO Networker 3.0 Review Details

So the pre-training videos for the SEO Networker 3.0 course will begin on November 5th. There will be 4 different videos and they are going to be teaching you a bunch of different techniques to help you generate leads for your business today – It doesn’t matter what business you are in, as long as you need leads, they’ll teach you how to get them.

In the 4 videos, they will be covering the different kinds of leads you can get online and the quality that they are. Be sure to expect that the “quality” of these leads will become better as they introduce newer videos. Of course, leads from search engine optimization ranks 10 out of 10 and they are also FREE! Make sure to check out the videos coming up, I’m going to leave the suspense but the first video will be teaching you how to use PPV to get leads. This is literally the cheapest of the paid traffic methods, and few people are using it. So learning these tricks might just be able to help you! ;)

Is SEO Networker 3.0 Right For Me?

Yes! SEO Networker 3.0 is right for everyone out there even if you have not done SEO before and you do not know how to do it. The program will cover the fundamentals at the start and the content will move into more advanced strategies on how to get your content ranked on the first page of Google. In fact, what I really like about the SEO Networker 3.0 is their social SEO strategies.

If you haven’t realized, the rules of SEO have changed with Google updating their algorithms and involving more social media aspects into their system. Wouldn’t you like to know how to get your content shared through social networks and such to help boost your rankings online? Trust me, this is unlike any SEO course out there because no one has done it yet and the guys from SEO Networker are the first!

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SEO Networker 3.0 Bonuses

Obviously if you are on this page, you want to find out more about the SEO Networker 3.0 and the bonuses you can get, so in addition to the fast action bonuses they will be throwing in and announcing at a later ate. I’m going to make the pie much more juicy by offering some bonuses too.

Bonus #1: Get my list of edu backlinks. $197

I have building backlinks on EDU websites lately and I have a huge list of almost 100 sites where you get build your links from. You can definitely go and find those sites on your own and I show it in on of my previous blog posts “How To Get EDU Backlinks” or you can save all that time by knowing exactly which sites to post content on and you can do it forever! Outsource this work and you would have saved yourself tons of hours of hard labor.

Bonus #2: Mastermind Group. $997

All the people who purchase through my link will be invited into a mastermind group on Facebook with me and we will not only discuss the strategies taught inside the SEO Networker 3.0 program, but we will share other SEO strategies that each of us have. The major advantage of being in a mastermind group is being able to find potential Joint Venture Partners you can work with and sell your products online and this means generating more revenue and profits for yourself online!

Bonus #3: My SEO Secrets Webinar $497

I’m going to hold a webinar within 30 days when the cart closes for the SEO Networker 3.0 program or if they don’t close, I’ll pick a date within the first couple of months after the cart opens. So in this webinar, I will be sharing all my SEO secrets – What I’m doing right now, what tons of marketers online are MISSING and I might just invite a guest speaker onto the webinar, someone who has just been kicking ASS lately taking a bunch of his pages to the first page of Google in literally days!

**Lucky Draw Bonus #4: iPad2 ($499)

Whoever purchases the SEO Networker 3.0 through my link during the launch will be entered into a lucky draw to win an iPad2. However, this bonus is ONLY valid when I achieve 5 sales or more. I will announce the winner and will give more information about this at a later date.

SEO Networker Banner

How Much Is SEO Networker 3.0?

The price will be announced at a later date but the question you should be asking yourself is how much would it be worth to get your pages ranked at the top of Google, generate an insane amount of traffic to your site, and getting people to buy the stuff you promote on your page? SEO Networker 3.0 should be considered an investment and not an expense, so ask yourself how much do you think it will be worth for your business. I personally think I will be getting at least a hundred times more value than the amount I’ll be paying for!

Get SEO Networker 3.0 HERE!

So When Does SEO Networker 3.0 Release?

The most important question (or maybe the previous one)! The pre-launch videos will open up on 4th November and they will be giving away a ton of free content on how to get leads online and the shopping cart will open up on 16th of November. So make sure you keep yours eye peeled for more announcements.

Should you have ANY questions about my bonuses, feel free to contact me at my personal number 267-475-0494. You can also send me an email at admin [at] darrenspruyt [dot] com and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

So if you do get SEO Networker 3.0, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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  1. Cris says:

    Darren, I’ve been looking for this review. I heard about this and its launching so many times but I didn’t have a concrete idea to justify its worth. Anyway, thanks for the .edu links you posted last time. It was really awesome. :) -Cris
    Cris recently posted..Was tun wenn mich diese Enge wahnsinnig macht? – Tipp20My Profile

  2. Robin says:

    I actually owned the original SEO networker course. If this one is anything like it im sure it going to be the bomb digity!
    Robin recently posted..The Truth About Free MLM Leads And Building Your Home BusinessMy Profile

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