How To Use YouTube Marketing To Generate Leads For MLM

Are you looking for methods to use YouTube Marketing to generate leads for MLM? If you are, then you would probably find this post useful especially if you are starting out with video marketing. However, if you are wondering why you would want to use video marketing to get leads for your network marketing business, then you may want to check out this post I wrote.

The Most Important Rule of YouTube Marketing is…

YouTube Marketing

Before you even begin marketing YouTube videos, you have to do your keyword research. The great thing about marketing on YouTube is that majority of the rules that apply to SEO on Google, apply to YouTube marketing. After all, both are owned by the same company. There are however, some slight differences that you may wish to take note that I will briefly touch on in this post. Now assuming that you have done your keyword research and found the words that you are interested in targeting, you have to do your research on YouTube to see if there are many videos posted for the words you are looking to target. Thumb of rule: The lesser videos there are, the better.

While filming the videos, you want to always make sure that you mention the keyword in your opening line. For example, let’s assume my keyword is “Magic Juice Review”. I would most likely start my video off with something like…

“Hi there, are you looking for the Magic Juice Review? Well then, you have come to the right place…”

After which, you can introduce yourself and why people should watch you and your video. Do not forget to ALWAYS include a call to action at the end of the video to get viewers to either sign up check out your blog, or to another page where you can offer them something.

YouTube Marketing Tips

The great thing about YouTube marketing is the ability for you gain exposure and traffic from so many different sources from 1 single marketing method. Now let’s briefly touch on each one.

(1) YouTube search engines – If people are searching on the YouTube search engines, you can be found on it!

(2) Google search engines – In fact, you can be found in all other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Videos tend to rank higher on Google too, which could possibly help you attract even more traffic to your video.

(3) YouTube related videos – Ever watched a video till the end and a list of “related videos” come up and wonder how YouTube does it? Well… I will be sharing it further in this post.

(4) YouTube paid advertising – Also known an YouTube Pay-Per-Click(PPC), this gives you the ability to post those tiny little banner ads on other videos on YouTube to get traffic to your own videos.

YouTube Marketing – SEO Style

Now let’s get into details once you have done recording your video and are ready to post it online! Firstly, always remember to save your filename as your keyword before uploading it on to YouTube. Alright, here goes…

(1) Always have your keyword in the TITLE of your video. You can always try to squeeze in your secondary keywords into the title if you are able to. Caution: DO NOT try to put your keyword in the title twice or more as this may raise flags with YouTube and cause your video to either be removed, or your account to be shut down as they may see it as spam.

(2) Always include your keyword in the first sentence of your video description. This will help to engage your viewers as they will be able to relate with the video. There are some people who recommend placing a link at the start of your video description, but I would not advise it as the first sentence captures the attention of your audience. Instead, write a compelling line to get them to watch your video.

(3) Mix in your related keywords into your description. Now I am not 100% if keyword density is an important component in scoring for YouTube marketing SEO. However, be sure to include your related or secondary keywords as this is how YouTube will be able to recommend your video in other videos people watch.

(4) Utilise the tags feature. Needless to say, you should always put your keywords into the tags of your video so that it can be found on the YouTube search engines.

Free YouTube Marketing Tips

Free YouTube Marketing Tips

Some other tips that you wish to take note while marketing with YouTube is making use of the annotations feature. This feature on YouTube now allows people to click on the annotations and bring them to a landing page! This is good news, because embedded videos can now redirect your audience to the pages you want them to go to, instead of previously having to ask them to “Click below the video” or stuff like that. This definitely changes the playing field quite a bit.

Next, you want to be checking your YouTube analytics account to give you a breakdown of which videos people are watching, how long they are watching for, and which parts of the video they are leaving. This will be a good measure for you to see how well your videos are performing, and how you may be able to tweak them so that you get a higher conversion rate from this traffic.

One last way is to always check what the best marketers in your niche are doing in their YouTube marketing videos so that you can copy their formulas and use it to see if they work best for you.

Sprucing Up Your YouTube Channel

Part of YouTube marketing is also ensuring that you have a professional presence in front of your audience. This means getting your page designed so that it appeals to them. At the same time, include your other social links so that they may be able to find you and connect with you on the other different mediums.

YouTube One Channel Design

YouTube has recently rolled out their YouTube marketing one channel feature, which has changed the whole layout of YouTube pages. This will definitely affect your presence (not in a good way in my opinion) in influencing people who visit your channel. I believe they will soon rollout and make it compulsory for all users to use the one channel design soon, however, you can still use the older design which is much better.

If you found this post on YouTube Marketing useful, please be sure to share it and leave me your comments below as I would greatly appreciate it.


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